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Chaos has passed, now it’s time to analyze

By 1 year ago

When the KBIA news team finally made its way into the newsroom Wednesday, one producer here described the feeling as “kind of like a hangover, without, like, the stomach stuff.”

Yes, election nights are long, they are stressful, but ultimately they are a very exciting time to be a journalist. We had a team of more than 30 reporters and producers working on election night, and if you want to see an hour-by-hour report of the races our reporters were covering in the field, check out our storify. Or follow this link to look through our race-by-race reporting.

But one aspect of our coverage that had us really excited was our live mapping. Throughout the night, we had a team or producers inputting county-by-county results, to create these maps showing how the state voted. The results were enlightening, especially if you were interested in how the US Senate Race Between incumbent Claire McCaskill and Republican Todd Akin.

The US Senate Race (Red for Republican win, Blue for Democratic win):

But compare that to The US Presidential Race, between President Barack Obama and Republican Mitt Romney (Red for Republican win, Blue for Democratic win):

Follow this link to the maps on our site, where you can access more detailed information about how each county voted, and also see a map for the state Governor’s race (which was somewhere in between these two). We also have a map showing Libertarian Jonathan Dine’s cut in the US Senate race (more than 10% in one county!). Look for more maps from, us, too, as we continue to analyze the results.

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