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Recap of Election Night results

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Quick summary of Election Night results:

All Missouri incumbents for statewide office win bids for re-election

  • Incumbent Democrat Claire McCaskill successfully defended her U.S. Senate seat from Republican challenger Todd Akin, winning re-election by a 55 to 39 margin.
  • Incumbent Democratic Gov. Jay Nixon won another term in the Governor’s mansion after defeating Republican challenger Dave Spence by a 55 to 43 margin.
  • Incumbent Republican Lt. Gov. Peter Kinder defeated Democratic challenger Susan Montee by a 49 to 45 margin. Kinder will be serving his third term in the office and is only the second liutenant governor to win three terms.
  • Incumbent Democratic Attorney General Chris Koster defeated Republican challenger Ed Martin by a 56 to 41 margin.
  • Incumbent Democratic state Treasurer survived a tough election night battle against state Rep. Cole McNary, R-St. Louis County, winning re-election by a 50 to 46 margin. McNary was ahead in the polls for most of the night, but late returns from St. Louis and Jackson County areas, which typically lean to the left, pushed Zweifel to the finish line.

In the race to become Missouri’s next Secretary of State — the only race without an incumbent — state Rep. Jason Kander, D-Kansas City, defeated his House colleague, state Rep. Shane Schoeller, R-Willard, by a 49 to 46 margin. Schoeller led in election returns for most of the night, but Kander benefited late in the evening (and early Wednesday morning) when returns from the St. Louis and Jackson County areas began rolling in.

Statewide ballot issues

  • Constitutional Amendment 3, which would have changed the selection process for appellate judges, was rejected by a margin of 76 to 24.
  • Proposition A, which grants St. Louis local control of its police force, was approved by voters by a margin of 64 to 36. This marks the first time the city will have control over its own police force since the Civil War.
  • Proposition B was defeated by a margin of 51 to 49. This is the third time Missourians have rejected an increase to the state’s tobacco tax.
  • Proposition E, which restricts the governor from implementing a health care exchange without legisative action or voter approval, was approved by a margin of 62 to 38.

Republicans will hold veto-proof majorities in state House and Senate

While Democrats will maintain control over the executive branch of Missouri’s legislature — where Kinder and State Auditor Tom Schweich are the only Republicans — Republicans have been able to keep a veto-proof majority in the state Senate while gaining one in the state House. Democrats were able to gain two seats in the state Senate, but Republicans will maintain control of the chamber, holding 24 seats to the Democrats’ 10. In the state House, Republicans gained five seats — one seat is still undecided — giving them 110 seats to the Democrats’ 52.

A two-thirds vote is needed in both chambers to override a gubernatorial veto, which Republicans now hold in both of Missouri’s legislative chambers.

Did you miss out on all the excitement of election night or just need to get up to speed on a few races?

Fortunately, reporters for the Missourian, KBIA and KOMU kept the news flowing Tuesday night as they attended watch parties, spoke to the candidates and watched the results flow in.

  • Check out the homepages of the Missourian, KBIA and KOMU, all of which contain mountains of information and stories about the candidates and election results.
  • Take a look at how the election unfolded throughout mid-Missouri with this Storify from KBIA.
  • Find out what happened at numerous watch parties around Boone County and mid-Missouri with this story from Missourian reporters.
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