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FACT CHECK: Spence’s “Choice” ad

By 1 year ago

Written by Hank Koebler (Columbia Missourian)

A video ad by Republican gubernatorial candidate Dave Spence called “Choice” makes a variety of claims about Missouri’s economy. How do those claims hold up line-by-line?

The ad starts with a question: “Seen Jay Nixon’s negative ads? Fact-checkers call them ‘Misleading.’”

The assertion is based on a fact check of a single Nixon ad, called “Bailout,” that was done in September by Craig Cheatham, a journalist with St. Louis television station KMOV. Cheatham found some claims in the Nixon ad, which accuses Spence of personally benefitting from federal bailout money given to Reliance Bank, misleading and false.

Cheatham called Spence’s characterization of Spence as a banker “false” because Spence only briefly served on Reliance Bank’s board of directors and did so after the bank had already voted to accept the federal bailout funds.

Additionally, “Bailout” said Reliance still hasn’t paid back the bailout money. Cheatham found that this is true, but he called it “misleading” because it didn’t provide the context that many banks haven’t been able to pay back bailout funds.

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FACT CHECK: Nixon’s “Midwest Leader” ad

By 1 year ago

Written by Hank Koebler (Columbia Missourian)

Gov. Jay Nixon’s ad “Midwest Leader” makes multiple claims about the Missouri economy. How do those claims hold up line-by-line?

Nixon’s commercial opens with an announcer declaring: “Dave Spence’s latest attack ad: FALSE.”

Nixon’s assertions in the “Midwest Leader” ad actually respond to claims Spence made in a separate commercial called “Harley.” The dispute between the two revolves around a plant that Harley-Davidson considered opening in Missouri in 2009. The company already had one plant in Kansas City, and it had announced it was considering closing its plant in York, Pa., and opening a second plant in Kansas City or building one in Tennessee, Indiana or Kentucky. In the end, it decided not to build another plant anywhere.

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Candidate interview: 47th District State House candidate John Wright (D)

By 1 year ago

KBIA’s Jessica Reese recently interviewed Democratic candidate for State Representative in the 47th District, John Wright. He is challenging fellow newcomer to state politics, Republican nominee Mitch Richards, in the Nov. 6th election.

In the interview Wright spoke about higher education, K-12 education, and how he says it’s crucial for job growth in Missouri to continue putting resources into these institutions. He also touched upon ways to promote more small business growth, and how to incorporate rural communities’ commerce, too. Wright discussed how the Affordable Care Act is important for Mid-Missouri, and how using the offered federal funds could benefit the local medical community and people.

Candidate interview: Missouri Attorney General candidate Ed Martin (R)

By 1 year ago

Missouri attorney general candidate Ed Martin recently joined us in studio for a conversation with KBIA’s Janet Saidi. Martin is the Republican nominee challenging current state Attorney General Chris Koster, the Democrat incumbent. The job description, as described by the Associated Press, includes: defending the state’s laws and policies in court, assisting county prosecutors, investigating consumer fraud cases and looking into violations of the state’s open meetings and records laws.

Martin has worked in private legal practice since 2008. His experience also includes a year as a federal appeals court judicial clerk, and about three years with the Archdiocese of St. Louis. In 2005, Martin worked with the St. Louis Board of Election Commissioners, before becoming chief of staff for Missouri Governor Matt Blunt.

In the studio, Martin and Saidi talked about what makes a good attorney general, what would be on his to-do list if he gets the job, and what he thinks makes him the man for the job.

TELL US: Do you believe your vote counts?

By 1 year ago

Written by Kelly Moffitt (Columbia Missourian)

On Oct. 1, the Guardian published an election interactive which helps you determine if a vote from your demographic matters in the upcoming election. In a corresponding article explaining how the formula works, Harry Enten explains the purpose behind the graphic:

"The first thing you must know is that we’re trying to determine the likelihood of a voter with certain characteristics having the chance of casting the tie-breaking vote this election. I believe that every vote matters, so we’re not in any way seeking to imply that it’s not worthwhile voting. But the outcome of the election almost certainly does not hinge on whether you vote or not."

This got us thinking: do you feel like your individual vote matters? Let us know in the form below.

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