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Candidate interview: State Treasurer candidate Cole McNary (R)

By 1 year ago

KBIA’s Kristofor Husted interviews Missouri state Rep. Cole McNary, who is challenging Democratic incumbent, Clint Zweifel, for the state treasurer office in the November 6 election.

In the interview, McNary talks about how big government is a major problem for Missouri. He says he plans on restructuring and downsizing it from the state treasurer’s office. He discusses funding pensions fully again and working with legislators to find a solution that will work for the future health of pensions. McNary also says there is still room for improvement when it comes to funding college savings programs.

Candidate interview: Secretary of State candidate Shane Schoeller (R)

By 1 year ago

KBIA’s Kristofor Husted interviews Missouri state Rep. Shane Schoeller, who is challenging Democrat Jason Kander for the secretary of state office in the November 6 election.

In the interview, Schoeller talks about his plan to create an independent “fair ballot commission” composed of citizens.  He says if the ballot language comes into question, the commission will decide if the language is permissible. If not, Schoeller says the commission will have the opportunity to rewrite it. He also discusses streamlining the business registration process and why he thinks a photo identification requirement for voters is important for the state.

TELL US: Where do you get your political information?

By 1 year ago

Written by Kelly Moffitt (Columbia Missourian)

When preparing to vote on Nov. 6, where do you go to learn about who you are voting for? Do you go to national or local sources or somewhere else entirely? We want to hear about how you prepared for the election.

If you want to test if you’re ready for the polling booth, you take this 25-question quiz put together by Columbia Missourian government reporters about the statewide and local races they’re writing about.

Still getting up to speed on statewide and local races? Please check out the Columbia Missourian’s Voters Guide 2012, which is included with a digital membership and details information regarding candidates and issues on the ballot for the general election on Nov. 6.

Voters set to cast ballot to prevent ‘demise of America’

By 1 year ago

With just more than a week standing between the United States and election day, voters may feel like they have heard every issue addressed by each candidate.

  • The economy? Check.
  • Defense spending? Check.
  • Healthcare? Double check.

So when a voter mentions a less mainstream issue that motivates him to show up on Nov. 6, a reporter can’t help but listen.

Meet Eric.

In attendance of a Boone County Republican sponsored debate watch party, Eric decided to speak with Project Open Vault in order to share his passion for the space program and the race for helium acquisition.

Eric claimed it was more than space exploration — it was about being a nation that reigned supreme. He used the space program as an example of America’s demise into a mediocre nation with less freedom than ever before.

Eric wants America to regain its global authority while re-establishing family values, credibility and the American dream.

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Candidate interview: Candidate for Missouri Governor Jim Higgins (L)

By 1 year ago

KBIA’s Jessica Reese sat down with Libertarian candidate for governor, Jim Higgins, to find out more about what his plans are for the state if elected. He is running against incumbent Democrat Jay Nixon, and Republican newcomer Dave Spence in the Nov. 6th election.

Higgins discussed what a Libertarian believes, and how that motivates his stance on issues like education funding, the economy, and the state’s infrastructure. He says giving businesses economic incentives will not help job growth and the state’s economy, but instead, says the state should let the fundamentals of market supply and demand naturally sort out this issue.