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Candidate interview: Nominee for Missouri Governor - Dave Spence (R)

By 1 year ago

KBIA interview with Republican nominee for Missouri Governor Dave Spence from KBIA FM on Vimeo.

Missouri gubernatorial candidate Dave Spence, with his son Logan, met us at the KBIA studios this week for a conversation with KBIA’s Janet Saidi. 

Spence has been a successful businessman in St. Louis, stepping down last year from his post as CEO of Alpha Packaging, which he bought in 1985. Spence is an MU alum, is married to Suzie Spence and they have four children. This is Spence’s first run for public office. He’s challenging Governor Jay Nixon, who is in his 26th year in public office, and has previously served as Missouri’s attorney general and a state senator.

In television ads, both campaigns have pointed to the economy, business growth, employment numbers and Spence’s background in the private sector – of course with both painting different pictures of the way things are. Spence tends to paint a rather bleak picture of the state of the state, and calls for changes, which he discusses with KBIA.

Rural Diners: What’s really on the table when it comes to politics?

By 1 year ago

For our “Rural Diners” project this election year, KBIA visited some greasy spoons throughout our listening area looking for the answer to one, basic question: “What’s on the table?”

We weren’t asking about candidates, campaigns or talking points; we wanted to know what issues people in these rural areas really cared about, and how politics directly affects their lives. Of course, we didn’t just ask one question. We ended up having in-depth and insightful conversations with people who thought they were just coming in for their morning’s cup of coffee. We want to share those conversations with you through this project.

Look for more of these multimedia pieces before election day. In this installment, KBIA visited Broadway Diner in Columbia. 

Reflections: 19th District Missouri State Senate Interviews

By 1 year ago

Written by Kerry Leary (KOMU 8 News)

After conducting candidate profile interviews with incumbent Republican State Senator Kurt Schaefer and Democrat State Representative Mary Still, KOMU 8 News reporter Kerry Leary shares her thoughts on the candidates’ accessibility and campaign messages:

"I interviewed Kurt Schaefer and Mary Still for the nineteenth district state senate seat.

As the incumbent, Schaefer was well-versed in every question I had for him. At one point, he said, “fire away.” He knew every issue like the back of his hand as well as statistics. He also brought into account his background as a lawyer, an environmental litigator and as the chairman of the appropriations committee. Most questions ended up back to the funding of public schools in mid-Missouri, a topic he’s very serious about. He also brought up the fact that he works with Rep. Chris Kelly on a plethora of issues.

Rep. Mary Still was very pleasant and easy to speak to. She was firm on her promise that she doesn’t stand for “bullying” of corporate businesses and has a passion to stand for her local roots. She focused on her grassroots campaign and also spoke a lot about public school funding and healthcare. She believes her background as a small-town girl as well as living in Columbia for 30 years makes her a good candidate.

Both were easy to access and happily set up interviews with me as soon as their schedules allowed them to.”

Candidate interview: 19th District Missouri State Senate - Kurt Schaefer (R)

By 1 year ago

KBIA’s Ryan Famuliner interviewed State Senator Kurt Schaefer, who is running for re-election in the 19th District of the state Senate. His challenger is Democratic State Representative Mary Still.

In the interview, Schaefer talks about the work he has done as chair of the Senate Appropriations Committee. He says focusing on return on investment is an important measure for what economic incentives the state should offer to businesses, and addresses some of the actions recommended by the Tax Credit Review Commission. He also says that cuts to higher education funding have not come through his committee, but rather been carried through by Governor Jay Nixon during withholdings. Schaefer also talks about the expansion of the airport in Columbia, the Affordable Car Act, and compares (and contrasts) himself to his opponent.

TELL US: Which ballot issue needs more explanation?

By 1 year ago

Written by Kelly Moffitt (Columbia Missourian)

As Nov. 6 nears, we want to know what ballot issues are most confusing. Is that confusion based on the information you’ve found on the issues or personal values? Have you been discussing the issues with your friends and family?

If you still need to get up to speed on statewide and local races, please check out the Columbia Missourian’s Voters Guide 2012, which is included with a digital membership and details information regarding candidates and issues on the ballot for the general election on Nov. 6.