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Candidate interview: US Senator Claire McCaskill

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Claire McCaskill

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KBIA’s Kristofor Husted interviews Sen. Claire McCaskill, who is challenging Rep. Todd Akin to keep her seat in the U.S. Senate in the November 6 election.

In the interview (which took place before McCaskill’s mother died), the senator talks about the difference between her and Akin when it comes to women’s issues including equal pay for women and access to emergency contraception. She talks about what she would say to women who have backed Akin after his controversial comment on pregnancy and rape. McCaskill also discusses her plan to make sure small business continues to grow in the state and her stance on keeping federal loans and grants available to students who depend on them.

Campaigns focus on small business but not Farm Bill

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Daniel Finke, owner of Finspeed in Moberly.

By Kristofor Husted (KBIA Radio)

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Election Day is upon us, folks. (You can find your polling place here.)

And while business development continues to surge as a hot topic for the candidates giving their campaigns a final push, the expired Farm Bill seems to have disappeared off candidates’ radars completely.

Harvest Public Media’s Amy Mayer has a report on just how much candidates are talking farm policy…in farm country.

And by most accounts, Missouri is a pink state.

Not red. Not blue. Pink.

But, when one hundred small business owners in Missouri were asked which candidate was more supportive of small business, 35 percent chose President Barack Obama, 24 percent picked Gov. Mitt Romney, and 41 percent said they were unsure. That’s from a recent George Washington University and Thumbtack poll.

To learn more, I jetted up to Moberly to visit a small business owner and get his perspective. What issues matter most to him? And who was he voting for?

This story originally aired as part of Business Beat, a weekly program on KBIA about business and economics in mid-Missouri.

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Candidate interview: 19th State Senate District - Mary Still (D)

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KBIA interview with 2012 Missouri District 19 State Senate candidate Democrat Mary Still from KBIA FM on Vimeo.

KBIA’s Ryan Famuliner interviewed State Representative Mary Still, who is running for the 19th District State Senate seat against incumbent Republican Kurt Schaefer. After the boundaries were redrawn this year, the district no longer includes Randolph County, but does include Boone and Cooper counties.

In the interview, Still talks about her emphasis on higher education funding. She says the Senator from the district that includes the University of Missouri must be a strong advocate for higher education, and believes she can fulfill that role. She also says it’s time to move beyond politics and start moving forward on the process of implementing the federal Affordable Care Act. Still addresses her opponent’s criticism that she has not passed legislation, saying she has influenced a number of bills in the Republican-controlled legislature, and that special interest groups are targeting her because of her influence.

Reflections: 44th District Missouri State Representative Interviews

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Written by Addison Walton (KOMU 8 News)

After conducting candidate profile interviews with Republican Caleb Rowden and Democrat Ken Jacob, KOMU 8 News reporter Addison Walton shares his thoughts on the candidates’ accessibility and campaign messages:

"I covered the District 44 Missouri House of Representatives race and needed to interview Democrat Ken Jacob and Republican Caleb Rowden. It’s a very interesting race because Rowden was a first time candidate and Jacob was getting back into politics after losing a race in 2008. I placed a call to Ken Jacob on a Monday afternoon and spoke to Jacob himself. No campaign manager or secretary. Jacob and I spoke and decided that we would talk that afternoon and conduct the interview. It wasn’t hard to get a hold of or interview Ken Jacob. 

        I then placed a call to Caleb Rowden. With Rowden it was also very easy to get a hold of him. He answered his phone directly. We spoke and I told him that I had already talked to Jacob. Of course that got his attention and we set up an interview time. Caleb was a very easy interview and was very accomodating towards me. I feel like I got very lucky because my candidates were very accessible and open with me unlike other candidates who were a little higher up in the political spectrum.”